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Folk Music in Maine

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Electronic Tuners, Tuning Wrenches
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Celtic Harps

Mountain Dulcimers

Pentatonic Kinder Harp  Ukuleles,Cases, Strings
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About Us

    Song of the Sea began in Michigan as Great Lakes Dulcimers in 1974, when Eddie Damm taught himself to build hammered and mountain dulcimers. Eddie and Anne Damm moved to Bar Harbor in 1979 and continued to build over 900 dulcimers, bowed psalteries, Finnish kanteles, and kinder harps.

        The goal of Song of the Sea is to spread the joy of music and enable folks to add music to their lives,
whether by playing an instrument, building a kit, or listening to a recording.

We operated our storefront from 1983 - 2009 on the waterfront in downtown Bar Harbor and sponsored the Downeast Dulcimer and Folk Harp Festival for 22 years.
We also carried fine quality instruments from around the world including bagpipes,smallpipes, uilleann pipes, bodhrans, whistles, Celtic harps, concertinas, mandolins,bowed and plucked psalteries, instrument kits, and more as folks asked us to add new items.
We sold our building spring 2009 and are continuing our business through our website.
We take great care to adjust each instrument before it is shipped, to make sure it works properly.

Thank you all for supporting us over the years
and helping us spread the love and joy of music!!

Song of the Sea
Eddie and Anne Damm
24 Ledgelawn Ave. Bar Harbor, Maine 04609 USA

Phone (207) 460-2401

(secondary phone: 207-479-0678)


Big Moose Contra Dance Band

Big Moose features Downeast Maine musicians:

Keith Davis on guitar; Jim Vekasi on mandolin; Fred Benson on banjo, bass, bouzouki,fiddle, and guitar; Dave Dawson on guitar,
David Reiley on fiddle; David Quinby on upright bass; Anne Damm on keyboard; Bob McCormick on bodhran and whistle;
Ruth Grierson on fiddle; Diehl Snyder on banjo, Eddie Damm on viola and tenor banjo; Michael Marion on 5 string banjo and concertina,
Charlie Richardson on banjo and guitar; and guests sometimes join us. Dances are taught by a caller.
We usually play on the 4th Saturday of every month (except August) at Jesup Memorial Library 34 Mt. Desert Street, downtown Bar Harbor Maine.

Please join us at various locations in Downeast Maine, to be announced on our Facebook Page

Folk Music in Maine
Downeast Friends of the Folk Arts Newsletter = DEFFA

You can learn about lots of great folk music events,
in Maine and New England, concerts, and festivals on their website: www.deffa.org

Song of the Sea
Eddie and Anne Damm
24 Ledgelawn Ave. Bar Harbor, Maine 04609 USA

Phone (207) 460-2401
(secondary phone: 207-479-0678)

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