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Meadowlark 2 1/2 Octave Hammered Dulcimer
This model is called a 13/12 because it has extra D# & G# notes. Has 13 treble and 12 bass bridges. 
It is constructed with a Baltic birch top & back, with solid walnut top and bottom rails (rails are the horizontal frame pieces at the top and bottom of the instrument) and solid maple pinblocks (which are seen on the sides).
The case is constructed of padded cordura nylon with zippered closures, a book pocket, carrying handles and shoulder straps. Comes with wood hammers, wrench, tuning tricks, 2 year warranty, padded Case.Made by Jake's Cabin Dulcimers (new owner of Rick Thum's Meadowlark design)
Meadowlark Package with case  HAMDUL 7 $310
Tuning  and string gauge diagram for 13/12 dulcimer.
S/H estimate: $24

Hammered Dulcimer Stands

Sitting height Stand

Sitting Height Hammered Dulcimer Stand
Jake's Cabin Sitting HD Stand   STAND 1 $60 
This is made of basswood, is unfinished, 
so you can add your own stain if you wish, or use clear lacquer.
It folds up to a compact size.
Has nylon webbing and sturdy dowels (covered with tubing) to hold the dulcimer.
The height of dulcimer would be approximately 25 1/4" from the floor on the bass end, so it works if you are sitting on a chair.

S/H estimate: $16


Padded Cases 

(photo courtesy of Rick Thum)

Case that fits the 2 1/2 octave hammered dulcimer kit (included with completed instrument).
usually black or grey.
Fits dulcimer size: Top Rail-19" ,  Bottom rail- 36"
Top to Bottom- 19",  Depth - 4" (including the bridges and bridge cap)
CASE HD 3   $45

S/H estimate: $20 (because of size of box)

Hammered Dulcimer Kits



Hammers that come with the Kit




We feature a hammered dulcimer kit made by Jake's Cabin Dulcimers (formerly made by Rick Thum).This kit builds the same instrument as the completed Meadowlark, but needs to be assembled.
The 13/ 12 kit comes unassembled and requires gluing, clamping and some drilling for assembly. It makes a 2 1/2 octave instrument (starts on G below middle C, goes up 2 1/2 octaves in note range). It has the soundboard, back, pin blocks, all the hardware (tuning pins, smooth pins for putting on the looped end of the string), completed bridges, hammers, a tuning wrench and individually-looped strings. Usually has circle soundholes that are precut. Comes with Complete assembly instructions.
The kit has 2 strings per course. 
Need to: glue frame together, then glue soundboard and back to the frame. Then need to drill holes for the tuning pins and stationary pins (there is a drilling template to follow). Need to do final sanding, applying lacquer, install pins, and install strings.
The bridges are made already, which saves a lot of time.
Case available

Hammered Dulcimer Kit     HAMDUL 8   $185
Top Rail-19" ,  Bottom rail- 36"
Top to Bottom- 19",  Depth - 4" (including the height of the bridgesand bridge caps when assembled)

S/H estimate: $20 Drill Bits: Drill bit for zither (tuning) pins on the right side of instrument: 3/16 brad point bit.
Drill bit for hitch (smooth) pins on the left side of instrument: 3/32 drill bit. If possible to get a tapered drill bit, get that one at a hardware store. If not available, then it is ok to use a standard 3/32 drill bit.

Hammered Dulcimer Kit TO EUROPE or CANADA     HAMDUL 8   $185
S/H estimate: $80

Extra Set of Strings for Hammered Dulcimer Kit     STRS HD 2   $30
Set of individually looped strings to replace all the strings in the kit
The kit contains a complete set of strings, so this item would be if you wished to replace all the strings on the instrument in the future.
S/H estimate: $9


Hammered Dulcimer Instruction Book

TK O'Brien's Guide to playing the Hammered Dulcimer. For 9/8 through 13/12 Dulcimers. In standard notation and number & letter tablature. Has 30 familiar tunes.
Hammered Dulcimer Book     BK HD TU 1   $8

S/H estimate: $4

Tunes included:
Aunt Rhody, This Old Man, On Top of Old Smoky, Swanee River, The Wearing of the Green, Oh Susanna, Camptown Races, When The Saints Go Marching In, Tom Dooley, Red River Valley, Dixie, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Be Nobody's Darling But Mine, Amazing Grace, In the Good Old Summertime, Sidewalks of New York, She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain, Wildwood Flower, The Streets of Laredo, The Wabash Cannonball, Shenandoah.

  Nickel Plated Bulk wire sold by the quarter pound:  

Wire on Wood Spool: $15.95 each
.016 Spool $15.95
S/H estimate: $11

.024 Spool $15.95
S/H estimate: $11

Wire on Coil: $9.00 each
(limited supply in coil)

.022 Coil $9.00 S/H estimate: $6

.026 coil $9.00 S/H estimate: $6

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